dig your own fossil fish

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Warfield Fossils invites you to come on a fossil safari where you can dig your own fossil fish in our private quarry. There are an abundance of fossil fish in the “Green River Formation.” Most people find enough fish to Satisfy their appetite in the first two hours.


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  1. Andrea says:

    As a kid I always wanted to be an archeologist. I am not, but the dream is alive. With this opportunity we had a great time. Chris was so helpful in the little bit of time we had to dig. We went home with many treasures.

  2. Ellen says:

    Fantastic, extraordinary, awesome — all words to describe our experience at your quarry. We brought home some incredible fossils. We enjoyed our dig so much we want to make this an annual event. A special thanks to Chris who was so helpful throughout the day.

  3. Kenny says:

    My kids had a great time digging fish. Thanks to Chris. He made the outing special for my two boys. He was helpful and informative. Our breakfast table is still covered with fish fossils being detailed by the boys.

  4. Lara says:

    I thought I would be one of the first to comment about how WONDERFUL the experience was. I have to agree with the 3 previous comments that it was largely due to CHRIS and his encouragement/involvement with our family. Each person left with some fantastic fossils. We even had them shipped back to Virginia! Next trip out west we will definitely be back…especially if Chris is working. He’s a HUGE asset to the facility. Do whatever you can to keep him there!!!!

  5. Hiio Silver says:

    Very successful day at the quarry.
    Chris really is a rock star customer service guy. Spent time with everyone to make sure they could find fish. Answered all my questions and explained the geology to me. Some huge fish were found.
    I’m going to try and squeeze in another full day trip before they close.
    Rick, please make sure Chris gets the comments off this board. He is the best.

  6. Judy & Roy Mills says:

    Just wanted to thank George again for a wonderful hour of “hunting”. We had marvelous success and had a great time. George was very helpful and made our ‘adventure’ everything we expected it to be.

  7. Judy & Roy Mills says:

    Just wanted to thank George again for all his help and assistance. We had a wonderful ‘dig’ and found many delightful specimens. Hunting for fossils at the Quarry is fabulous! Highly recommended and George is the best! We think we are addicted! LOL We’ll definitely plan a longer trip next time! Again, thanks to all for making the trip worthwhile.

  8. Oak & Brenda says:

    This was a really fun way to spend a day. We came away with some really good fish thanks to the help of Chris, he was always there to help and ask questions to, besides being just an all around nice guy that was fun to be around. We were here at the end of a two week vacation and thought digging for fish was the highlight of the whole trip. If you read these Chris, thanks my friend and hope to see you again before the summer is over

  9. Catherine says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will always relive these 4 hours of pure pleasure. Thanks Chris for the kindness and pateince. My son and I had a wonderful time and found so many fish we carried home to Montréal Canada, on our backs (backpacks and carry-ons) into the plane. We cleared security and my babies are now safe and sound. No putting these treasures in the checked luggage. The entire experience was fun and if I could go for an anothe 4 hours tomorrow I would! An probably again and again, all so worth it!

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