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Digging fossil fish at Fossil Safari in Wyoming
Green River Formation Fossil Stingray
Fossil Lake Wyoming Fish DIg Banner With People
Diplomystus Fish Fossil Banner
Pile of knightia fossil fish
Green River Formation - Mioplosus & Knightia Banner
Digging fossil fish at Fossil Safari in Wyoming
Fossil Stingray From Green River Formation
Pile of fossil fish from the fish dig.
Diplomystus fossil fish from green river formation
FossilEra Adventures

FOssil Lake Safari

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Dig Your Own Fossils In Wyoming

Unearth the adventure of a lifetime at FossilEra Adventures’ exclusive Fossil Lake Safari situated near Kemmerer, Wyoming. Hunt for fossils in one of the world’s premier fossil beds, boasting a prolific assortment of exquisitely preserved fossil fish.

A great activity for the entire family.  Let our friendly and experienced staff help create memories that will last a lifetime.  And the best part? You get to keep the fossils you find!

Open: 7 Days a Week – May 24th to Sept 30th

Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm

Reservations: Not Required

Fossil digging in Kemmerer, Wyoming
Split mioplosus fossil fish dig
Priscacara Serrata from Green River Formation
Fossil Stingray From Green River Formation
Diplomystus - A classic American fossil fish
Phareodus fossil fish
Mioplosus fossil fish from green river

Keep The Fossils You Find

You get to keep the fossils that you find at the Fossil Lake Dig including dozens of species of fish, stingrays, gars, plants and insects.  Fossils of birds, bats, turtles, crocodiles, lizards and mammals can be found, but are a very rare component of the Green River Formation fauna.

* The only exception is extremely rare specimens exceeding $100k in value. Our lease requires us to pay the land-owner for these.

Reserve Your Trip

A Fossil Hunting Experience Of A Lifetime

Embark on an unparalleled journey through time at Fossil Lake Safari, where you can unearth your very own fossils. Nestled within the stunning landscape near Kemmerer, WY, this quarry offers a unique opportunity to dive into the ancient world and discover remnants of prehistoric life. Assisted by our experienced guides, you’ll delve into layers of history, uncovering fossil fish dating back over 50 million years. Don’t miss out on this exceptional Wyoming fossil hunting experience!

Toni hunting at Fossil Lake Safari - Formerly Warfield Fossils


Nestled within the rugged landscapes of Wyoming lies the extraordinary Green River Formation, an ancient treasure trove of geological wonders. Spanning millions of years and stretching across vast expanses of the state, this formation is a testament to the dynamic forces that have shaped our planet over time. Renowned for its exquisitely preserved fossils, the Green River Formation offers a rare glimpse into the distant past, where prehistoric creatures once roamed lush ancient landscapes. From fossilized fish to intricate plant life, each discovery provides invaluable insights into the rich biodiversity that flourished in this ancient ecosystem. As one of the world’s premier fossil sites, the Green River Formation continues to captivate scientists and fossil hunters alike, offering a window into the mysteries of our planet’s history.

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