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Fossil Lake Safari
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Karen CrawfordKaren Crawford
02:49 17 Jun 24
We had the best time. We signed up for half day but could have stay longer! Thank you for the great time.
Gretchen NorthcottGretchen Northcott
00:46 17 Jun 24
This was such a fun activity! I went with some of my family and we did the half day dig. It was well worth our time… we found some amazing fossils! The staff were super helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Definitely wear gloves, long pants and a hat. Bring plenty of water. This is an activity I would do again!
Derek NybergDerek Nyberg
00:13 16 Jun 24
This was such a fun family adventure! My kids were completely entertained, as were the adults! The staff is friendly and informative. Someone was always walking around making sure to help us! You get so busy breaking rocks the hours just fly by!
Jesse DavisJesse Davis
04:23 13 Jun 24
I had a recent private dig with these awesome folks. We found more fossils than we could carry lol. We found lots of fish and a croc tooth and croc "poop". Every member of the staff was professional, friendly and just fun to be around. Most of our day was spent with Keanu and he was so good with everyone in the family. I ended up having an unrelated health emergency and these folks were on it. They stayed by my side and kept me going until an ambulance picked me up. Many thanks to Doug and his wife for their care while waiting, I know it made a huge difference. These people are truly amazing and when I get my issues resolved I will be back!!!! Seriously, this place is THE place I will recommend!
Caroline DunnCaroline Dunn
15:50 09 Jun 24
We had a fantastic time at this extremely well-run and organized quarry! We are total beginners, a family of 4 with two 7 years old girls, who had a blast looking for fossils. The entire staff is incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. We spent a full morning there of about 4 to 5 hours and our girls did not want to leave! They supply gloves, glasses, chisels, and hammers and expert instruction. Bring lots of water and sunscreen and prepare to get dusty! We especially appreciated the knowledge and help of Afton, one of the experts at the quarry, who patiently guided my girls and helped them open a huge rock to find 3 beautiful fish. It was the highlight of their trip! If you love fossils and are looking for a fun family activity this is the place! We are loaded down with beautiful fossils to take back to Houston, Texas!
Bill EvansBill Evans
00:26 09 Jun 24
Fun time, found some nice fish.
02:06 07 Jun 24
We traveled to this place in early June and it was astonishing! The people were so kind and patient with us showing us how to split the rocks and what to look for! We learned quite a bit from them in just the short time we were there! Would love to revisit and hear some more jokes from the tiny foreman someday!!
Nebraska ManNebraska Man
05:25 04 Jun 24
Definitely worth the admission. We found a lot of high quality fish and even a partial croc tooth. The people running the quarry were extremely helpful and kind. We have done three trips to Kemmerer for fish fossils, including both public quarries, and this was easily the best experience we have had!
Evan LivadasEvan Livadas
16:36 02 Jun 24
Had an amazing experience! Doug and Keanu were super attentive and knowledgeable. Half day was plenty to find some nice fossil fish. Brought gloves based on past reviews but didn’t use them… Would have rather brought knee pads or small stool, either way super doable without. Could see a bandana or face mask being 100% needed if windy.
Ariel BettsAriel Betts
16:28 31 May 24
Spent the last two days visiting this quarry. The first day we spent the full 8 hours. We learned a ton about the fish, turtles and other species found in the quarry. We enjoyed ourselves so much we came back for a second day. All the staff at the quarry were super knowledgeable and helpful! We came home with a ton of awesome fossils. We can’t wait for our next trip.
Kalena PopsonKalena Popson
01:48 29 May 24
If you are in the area check them out but do NOT follow Google gps to get there. Use the directions from the website. Made the drive and my 3 and 1/2 year old and husband had fun smashing the rock to find fossils. Definitely want to layer up as it was quite windy when we went.
15:54 25 Sep 23
A life long dream come true at the age of 59. I am still so delighted over getting to do this.While this review might have some whining in it. I absolutely do not regret coming here and highly recommend it. But there is a learning curve. So please learn from our mistakes.1 negative that is not this places' fault.DO NOT FOLLOW YOUR GPS without really checking into it first. We were coming from Afton WY and our GPS had us turn on to the most awful washed out dirt road I have ever been on in my life. I think it was about 7 miles later we encounter a closed gate with a sign telling us no access to the quarry and it had directions on how to get to the quarry from Kemmerer. Yikes! LOL so we risked our vehicle back down that horrible road to get back on the hwy. Thank goodness we did not damage our vehicle. Sadly that debacle with that GPS misdirection lost us a hour that was planned for digging. :'(You really want to head there from Kemmerer.The quarry is a long ways down a well maintained dirt road. We checked in, were provided with gloves, a chisel and a hammer. We were given a quick instruction on how to split the rock and find fossils. We were directed to lines of rocks laid out and asked to stay away from the quarry walls and set free to find what we could find. At this point it really is just down to luck.We made it there with only 3 hours before they closed. But with the heat and sun I don't think we could of done 4 hours. It was in the afternoon.I was so worn out. I still had not gotten my perfect fossil. I told myself that the rock I grabbed was going to have to be the last one for the day. Bingo, perfect negative and positive fish!!Then we brought our discoveries to be cut down and reloaded our stuff.I do regret that was that I was so wore out. As there were plenty of fossils we found that we were just too dang tired to haul over and load up. I now really wish we would have suffered thru loading them up. Because I wish I had them. Especially when you see how much rock shops sell these things for. Lessons learned.We ended up so sore from lifting rocks and hammering that we did not even go to the other quarry the next day as we had originally planned to do.When we retire, this place is most definitely on our list of places to come back to!!But next time I am going to be sure we are taking the correct route. Will be going in the morning or when it will be under 80 degrees and has a breeze. And take pain killers before starting our hammering away.WELL WORTH EVERYTHING INVOLVED

YELP REviews

  This was soo amazing we had the best time. The staff was great! You would be missing out if you don't plan this.

thumb Karen C.

  This was such a cool experience! The staff was very friendly and very informative! I loved learning about the lake that covered the area. Breaking and opening the rocks to... read more

thumb Randy B.

  This was such a fun family adventure! My kids were completely entertained, as were the adults! The staff is friendly and informative. Someone was always walking around making sure to... read more

thumb Jeff J.

  My daughter and I have never been to a quarry before and we are so thrilled Fossil Lake Safari was our first. The staff there are very nice & helpful... read more

thumb Jessica W.

TripAdvisor REviews

star rating  Making great memories - This was a great activity. We found the coolest fossils and some rare fossils. I highly recommend doing this, you will love. The staff were so nice, knowledgeable and willing... read more

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avatar thumb Karen C
June 16, 2024

star rating  Best Weekend Ever!  - This was our first visit to Fossil Safari. I went with some of my family and we had a great time! The staff were super helpful and gave us some... read more

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avatar thumb GoNorthNow
June 16, 2024

star rating  #1 place to go dig fossils  - It was a great experience from checking in to getting a spot to split rock. Everyone is super friendly and loves being out there. The guides were fun, very helpful... read more

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avatar thumb KIM H
June 16, 2024

star rating  Ya dig? - This was such a cool experience! The staff was very friendly and very informative! I loved learning about the lake that covered the area. Breaking and opening the rocks to... read more

avatar thumb Randy B
June 15, 2024

star rating  Definitely a family adventure that everyone loves!  - This was such a fun family adventure! My kids were completely entertained, as were the adults! The staff is friendly and informative. Someone was always walking around making sure to... read more

avatar thumb Josie N
June 15, 2024

star rating  Bucket List Experience, Highly Recommend, Lots of Fossils!  - What an incredible experience. Arrived just before 8 AM. Was greeted by the operators, signed a waiver, and was given instructions as well as a hammer and chisel. I was... read more

avatar thumb ForTheStory
June 13, 2024